Bom Jesus Do Monte, Braga, Minho Province, Portugal – 18 January, 2020 Bom Jesus Do Monte, Braga, Minho Province, Portugal – 18 January, 2020 – . I’ve just added a new film to my Tourism: Portugal playlist, here: of Bom Jesus Do Monte near Braga in Minho Province, Portugal. Bom Jesus do Monte is a Portuguese sanctuary in Tenões, outside the city of Braga, in northern Portugal. Its name means Good Jesus of the Mount. On 7 July 2019, the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte in Braga was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To read more about Bom Jesus do Monte, click here: . This film features the following: a ride up the Bom Jesus do Monte funicular railway, which rises 166 metres and is powered by the weight of water; the Bom Jesus do Monte sanctuary building (church), and; the ornamental gardens around Bom Jesus do Monte. Would you like £15 off of your next hotel booking with if so please click on this link to make your booking: This film is a Moss Travel Media production – If you liked this film, please subscribe to my YouTube channel here: in order to receive updates of my future film uploads. You can also find my travel films and photography updates on the following social media: Blogger: Facebook: **please like my Facebook page** Google+ just add +stuartmoss Instagram: stumoss – LiveJournal: Pinterest: WordPress: StumbleUpon: Tumblr: Twitter @mosstraveltv or VKontakte: YouTube: I hope that you enjoyed this film and will return again in future, your support is really appreciated, by subscribing above you will be kept informed of my travel updates and new films uploaded. Thank you and bon voyage!


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